All You Need To Know Before Selling Your Home

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August 2, 2021

All You Need To Know Before Selling Your Home

Give your house a mini makeover

A clean and fresh new look is always a good idea. This is a great and easy way to cover normal wear and tear, making the home look a lot more appealing. When choosing the colours, make sure to avoid bright colours and go for natural colours. This will give a modern, crisp and fresh look. Whilst bright colours might make your house stand out, it could be for the wrong reasons as style is subjective and may put some buyers off. They can distract the buyer from the home’s best assets.

Repair and upcycle your property

Sellers should take the time to complete all the odd jobs around the house and repair anything that might be broken or slightly damaged. This might be a window or cupboard that doesn’t close properly or a broken drawer. Anything that a potential buyer might see and be put off by as these will signal to them that the house has been neglected and not well maintained. You should also consider updating all appliances as this will make the home appear more contemporary and therefore more appealing to potential buyers.

Give your house a deep clean

This is one of the main and first things to complete. Nobody wants to visit a potential home and see it dirty and not well kept. Put away objects lying about, break out the hoover and duster, and give everything a thorough wipe down. That way viewers will see the home in its best possible light as well as reassure potential buyers that the previous owners looked after the property properly. Make sure to declutter the property it will make the rooms more spacious.

Before getting a professional photoshoot, the house should be properly prepared first, as the photographers are unable to move anything. That way the photos on the listing will look neat, clean and show your property in the best light.

Stage your home

When showing off your property, you want it to look as best as possible. Staging your home, especially when it is unfurnished makes the home seem a lot more homely and liveable. It softens the property, as well as allowing potential buyers to visualize the property. This helps them create a more emotional connection to the property. You do not necessarily have to stage every room of the house, just the rooms that have the biggest potential to influence your potential buyer’s decision. The living room and master bedroom is always a good start. If your home is being sold furnished, then make sure it is de-cluttered and kept simple. Stage it in a way that shows off your home’s best assets.

Whilst you want the home to look warm and inviting, it is a good idea to de-personalise the space. Therefore remove any personal photos, clean the bathroom and remove personal hygiene items like toothbrushes. Future buyers want the property to feel like their own, and not like somebody else’s.

Prepare documents

An important factor to acknowledge is that several documents need to be prepared before you sell your house. Once you have found the right agent you believe can do the best job at selling your property, both parties will need to sign a form. This is an agreement between the agent and the seller. The form will include all of the details about the property, including mortgage status and payment schedules, as well as a detailed outline of how the property will be marketed and the portals that it will be listed on.

Once a potential buyer for the property has been found, both parties need to sign a memorandum of understanding. This is the purchasing agreement between both parties and includes the agreed upon price of the property.

Sellers must also obtain a mortgage liability letter from the bank, which confirms that there are no outstanding debts between them and the seller.

The seller must also obtain a no objection letter from the developer, which ensures that there is no outstanding debt owed and all property service charges have been settled.

Whilst this might seem a lot to take in, our expert brokers will be able to guide you on all of these steps and help you through the process of selling your house, ensuring the most smooth and simple affair.