Home Tips

July 30, 2021


“Your home is living space, not storage space” – This is so helpful to keep in mind if you are trying to declutter. Our homes should primarily be used for living, not for storing an abundance of items we don’t need!⁣⁣

Here are signs that you need to start decluttering.

⇒ You have so much stuff you need to think about buying more storage.⁣

⇒ Your presses, drawers & shelves are overflowing.⁣

⇒ Unused / broken furniture taking up space.⁣

⇒ You have clothes that went out of fashion years ago or items that don’t fit anymore.⁣

⇒ Many photographs not in albums, CDs & DVDs without labels, books without shelves.⁣

⇒ Collections that have gotten out of control.⁣

⇒ Unused gadgets for eg broken TVs, radios, phones, tablets.⁣

⇒ Old hobby equipment for eg fitness equipment, musical instruments, craft materials, old DIY tools.⁣

⇒ Kids broken or unused toys⁣

⇒ Grown up kids possessions still taking up space and more😊