LasgidiGist – Episode 3

September 3, 2021


Continuing from the last episode…

Chioma met with the agent and the option given to her was to share a 2 bedroom apartment with another lady who desperately needed a partner to pair with, and each partner to a room.

Chioma did not think twice on the option offered by Mr Agent. She immediately rejected the offer as she wanted a whole space to herself. She requested for a full refund to enable her source for an apartment elsewhere.

Mr Agent became troubled. He started looking for alternatives to give to her, but Chioma on the other side only wanted her money back😁.

The agent had collected the agency fee and it has become difficult for him to return the money to Chioma, hence he kept taking her to different properties that didn’t not meet Chioma request.

This went for couple of days and Chioma decided to get the police involved in order to get back her money from Mr Agent.

Alas! Mr Agent is nowhere to be found in his office. The office was locked and his phone number wasn’t reachable anymore. She reported the case to the nearest police station.

Days after days she kept going back to check Mr. Agent’s office and kept calling his number but Mr Agent is still nowhere to be reached nor found.

What has just happened to Chioma? How is she going to deal with this? Find out what transpired in the next episode.😁

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