September 28, 2021

Today on #LasgidiGist

Chioma got lucky! Who would have thought she would see the Mr runaway-agent so easy. Should we say her anticipated miracle happened😀 may be or may not.
Read along with us…🥂

After the incident Chioma had with the runaway agent, she has been of the opinion that gender discrimination is also at play in the search for a home. The odds were stacked against the young, unmarried lady like Chioma. She felt that single lady looking to rent a property are often subjected to more rigorous experience. For this reason, she was ready to go at length with the runaway agent to get back her money.

They met with the other agent and grabbed him so he doesn’t escape from sight. Thank goodness she called a male friend along. The new agent was confused until they narrated the occurrence to him. Chioma called the police.

Few minutes after, people have gathered to the scene to watch what’s going on….this is Nigeria you know.😀 The new agent was disappointed and felt ashamed he was in connection with the runaway agent. He couldn’t bear the scene but had no option but to stay. Chioma instantly lost interest in dealing with the new agent and in checking the smaller apartment they came for. All she has in her head is to get the runway agent arrested and also get back her money.

Ho-ho! The police had arrived, they arrested the runaway agent, both Chioma, her male friend and the new agent all went to the police station.

Is Chioma’s problem half-solved or more complicated? Find out in the next episode😁.