Promoting Well-being In The Home Through Interior Design.

Real Estate
July 20, 2021

Tips for promoting well-being in the home through interior design.

  • Create a zen corner in your space, far away from the distractions of a busy life. You can then use this allocated area to practice meditation or yoga.


  • The principle of feng shui can help to bring balance to your home, which echoes into your life. Such as, avoid blocking doors with furniture or clutter, keep your windows clean and avoid storing objects under the bed.


  • According to the principles of chromotherapy, colours interact with our mind and body influencing our emotional state and balance. The hues you choose for your interior design and decorations act as an important wellness facet. For example, natural shades of green symbolise growth, whereas blue is calming and a sign of serenity.


  • Get more plants. There are many proven benefits of having plants indoors, from improving the quality of air, to regulating humidity and improving mood.


  • Invest in a soulscape painting that acts as an abstract vision board. The paintings are created on an individual basis in order to connect your psyche and outer world. I recommend keeping it in the bedroom where you can use it as a tool to remind you to be mindful.


  • Declutter. I start the year by decluttering the house to invite happiness and positive intentions in. I love the idea of keeping in our life only what makes us feel well and brings joy.


  • Burn resin or sage to cleanse the air. I use desert white sage, which is renowned for purification and protection. smudging sage has been used traditionally as an ancient spiritual ritual, yet science today is proving many of its benefits, including keeping bacteria, viruses and fungi away thanks to its antimicrobial properties.


  • Find work-life balance by creating a comfortable and clutter-free working space. Keep this away from the places where you like to relax.


  • Be mindful of the aromas you use, Although candles can improve ambience, it’s a good idea to be sure of exactly what you’re breathing in. Look for natural ingredients and pure essential oils.