Property Maintenance Guide

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July 26, 2021

Sanitise your space

In light of recent events, many of us are taking more stringent measures to ensure high sanitation levels. And while your new home should be cleaned before you move in, we suggest you opt for a deep, top-to-toe clean that will leave it looking gleaming and feeling safe.


Repaint the walls

A new lick of paint does wonders to refresh a room and put a personal stamp on your home. If you’re renting, do bear in mind the fact that if you paint your home a different colour, you will be required to return it to the original hue before you move out.

DIY your light fittings

Covering those bare bulbs with decorative light fittings will take your space from stark to homely in an instant. From statement pendant lamps to cute wall lamps for kids and much more. A great variety of seasonal styles and trend driven pieces. For a dinner party talking point to dramatic entryway lighting, discover wow designs from a selection of high-end international brands.

Fix annoying niggles

Call in an expert handyman to sort those fiddly little home maintenance jobs in a jiffy.

Get the curtains up

Unless you have an amazing eye for detail and are a whizz with a power drill, we recommend leaving it to the professionals when it comes to hanging blinds and curtains. Most will come to you to measure up, and can often turn around your chosen designs in as little as three days.

Maintain homeward bliss

Keep your home in tip-top shape by staying on top of these maintenance must-dos. When it comes to running home, there’s more than rent, mortgages, insurance, and living expenses to consider. We get the lowdown from the guys on the ground…

A poorly maintained property will create problems from day one, so choose a good landlord who maintains the property well and keeps records. If you’re the homeowner, get a site survey or audit done on the property to ensure things are working well, or check previous maintenance records for work carried out. The saying, ‘prevention is better than the cure’ hits the nail on the head when it comes to home maintenance – nip things in the bud when it comes to sorting out niggles around the house.

What are the home maintenance must-dos?

Regular A/C servicing and preventive maintenance should be at the top of your agenda, as poorly maintained units will cost you money on your utility bills. If you have allergies, it’s also worth having your filters cleaned every couple of months. Otherwise, a quarterly service is advised. Also, be sure to carry out an annual electrical supply and wiring check. During routine inspections, we often notice faulty wiring, which is a major safety hazard, although it’s easily fixed. Plumbing is another area to focus on. Cleaning and flushing the drains every six months is hygiene non-negotiable and helps avoid the possibility of airborne bugs taking hold. The checking of internal and external pipe leaks should also be factored in and it’s important to routinely maintain faucets and toilets. Overall, the issues we see most frequently include clogged drains, poor A/C performance or breakdown, leaking faucets or pipes, chipped paintwork, loosely fitted cabinets, and other carpentry issues. If you ignore these problems this will cost you a lot more in the long run. Plus, if you own and decide to sell, a well-maintained home will command a higher price.

How do I choose a home maintenance company?

Be sure to read the fine print as many companies offer good rates, but when it comes down to it, the services they offer are very limited and there are extra charges for just about everything.  Always deal with a reputable company and don’t be afraid to compare quotations and service proposals. Insist on seeing a company profile as well as references. A reputable company that can be trusted will have no problem providing third-party testimonials – and do ask to speak to existing clients.

What should be included in rental contracts regarding maintenance?

Responsibility for maintenance should be included in the contract and should be as specific as possible. If there is a maintenance dispute that cannot be resolved between the landlord and the tenant, the tenant may open a case

Annual checklist

  • Pre summer: Deep clean your home Give your entire home a top to bottom clean once a year.
  • Clean the AC filters: We need our air-conditioning to be on top form during the summer months, so make sure it’s delivering the chill factor before the heat kicks in.
  • Deal with pesky pests: As the weather heats up, the cast of Bugs Life tend to seek refuge inside our homes, stop them in their tracks by making a date with pest control.
  • Prepare your garden: Fertilise the grass, increase the amount of shade, and protect the soil with mulch.
  • Pre winter: Clean your water tank, More of us are making the switch to filtered tap water but cleaning the water tank annually (at least) is an absolute necessity.
  • Clean and defrost your fridge-freezer: One of the most used items in a home, deep cleaning, and defrosting your refrigerator and freezer makes it more likely to live a full life.