Pulling Off An Eclectic Home Interior

July 7, 2021

Pulling off an eclectic home interior should be easy. After all, rules are not necessary. It could be as simple as collecting contrasting elements that embody your style and personality. Even so, striking the balance is key to create a space that is curated, not cluttered. Check out these awesome tips!

Objects of memories

Each item in your home should fill you with pleasure and evoke memories. As a fond traveler, I always make a point of seeking out a piece that reminds me of that specific place. Whether that be an art piece or a basket, it’s like bringing back a little treasure – one that I know I will cherish for years to come. Take your time to find the pieces you are passionate about, as this will help to create a curious space that tells a story.

A layered look

Grouping is crucial when it comes to styling, so go for accessories that can be layered. When selecting objects, don’t be shy in experimenting with varying heights and shapes, but do keep the short items at the front of your display and the tall at the back.

Asymmetrical design

A perfectly balanced room lacks charm, so mix things up a little by choosing odd numbers and different sized items. For instance, don’t position your favorite vase in the middle of a shelf and leave it at that. Instead, try moving it to the side of a shelf – this will not only add an edge, but it will also give you the space to add a variety of other small, intriguing objects.

Go vintage

Interior drama is found in fusing together the old and new. Over the years, I have collected things from car boot sales, eBay, and charity shops. Vintage items have a unique texture and luster that’s difficult for modern pieces to emulate. Try mixing them with your newer items. For example, I have an IKEA console table with clusters of vintage knick-knacks, which elevates the look. It’s the items you choose to decorate your furniture that really takes the design to the next level.

Soft textiles

As a textile designer, I love being surrounded by striking, yet tactile objects. It’s true that not everything has to be the same – the fabric of your sofa, cushions and throws certainly don’t have to match. For an eclectic look, it’s a good idea to use different fabric finishes and hues. Although I do suggest you remain within one colour palette when doing so.

Longevity is key

Interiors aren’t like fashion – pieces should stay with you for a long time. Personally, I don’t get rid of anything merely because the trend is over. Creating a bohemian home is to surround yourself with pieces that remind you of your life, long after the memories subside and colours begin to fade.

Book worm

Not only are books great to flick through, but they are also terrific to decorate with. I like to stack books in piles to create height on tables. You can create piles on the floor, using small objects and candles on top to give instant character. Make your shelves eye-catching by displaying the cover of a book or mixing in objects to break up the space.

Botanical dreams

Adding plants or flowers to a room (quite literally) breathes life and soul into it. The trick to making it look edgy is to cluster your smaller plants in odd numbers. When shopping for houseplants to complement your space, I can’t emphasise texture and variety enough, as it’s the variation that looks great when displayed in your home.