Assets Valuation


At aanda, we undertake the valuation of both fixed and current assets, tangible, and intangible assets.

The regular goal of valuation is to ascertain the worth/value of all serviceable assets/ Properties e.g., land and building, Plants and Equipment etc. And this is part of what we know how to do best at aanda. And as part of our assets valuation, we are on hand to help you with the valuation of such tangible assets as land and buildings, plants and equipment, motor vehicles, vessels, aircrafts and other fixtures.

Beyond the regular, our expertise and technical depth make aanda your first choice in the valuation of intangible assets; a domain that only a few in the industry would dare to venture into. Our team of expert Valuers painstakingly and diligently handles your valuations in a most humane, yet highly professional manner, delivering the most satisfying results at the most pocket-friendly cost. Whatever is the nature and scope of your intangible valuation needs, we walk you through it all in style.

At aanda, we cover a wide range of intangible assets valuation extending across but not limited to the following:  Cost of Research and Development, Value of Patents, Licenses & Consents, valuation of Trademarks and Goodwill, Software, Brand names and other Intellectual Property of whatever kind.

In all, we uniquely tailor our services to meet our clients’ specific needs, and in a manner that considers the very highly dynamic nature of key economic determinants or variables.


  • Whatever your set valuation objectives are, at aanda, we guarantee a valuation service that looks out for your interest always

    We offer valuation services to our highly diversified client base for purposes of Mortgage, Probate/legal, insurance/ Compensation, Rental, Capital Value/Sale Purchase, Going Concern, Public Quotation & Market Capitalization, Merger & Acquisition, Assets Listing and Registration, Preparation of balance sheet/accounts to mention only a few.