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Real Estate Brokerage
(Sales & Letting)

Do not lose your hard-earned money; you can get more for less. To show you how easy it is, is the reason we are here. Most things in life cost much less than most people know. The real price we pay for an item many times is finding the right people who know exactly what we need and where and how to get it.

At aanda, we run a phenomenally successful Estate Agency that guarantees you the best offer. We provide expert advice on finding, buying, marketing, selling, or letting of properties of whatever kind in Lagos and around the nation. Having been in practice for years, we understand the language of your pocket and the uniqueness of every transaction. And with our depth of experience, professionalism, and integrity, we offer highly customized services tailored to meet your specific needs.  On whichever side of the divide, you are buying or selling, our goal is to put you in the advantage always, offering you the best result with the least stress.

Commitment to our clients remains not just a promise but a covenant. We go beyond where others stop.

At aanda we seal incredible deals. We do not just give you the best property or guarantee the best offer, we do so at a price that even you would find hard to believe. So, whatever it is that you wish accomplished in Real Estate Agency, leave it to us and let our experience and expertise work for you. Our greatest motivation is your satisfaction and happiness because we understand that your satisfaction is our pride.

  • When it comes to our business, our long-standing reputation is built on trust and integrity

    Our commitment to acting honestly, with integrity, and always with clients’ best interests at heart, is fundamental to everything we do

  • Our goal is to be the real estate adviser of choice in the markets we serve. We did not set out to be the biggest, just the best, to achieve this we strive to attract, recruit and retain the best people in property, who go the extra mile for their clients.