Today’s Episode On #lasgidigist

August 20, 2021

Trust you are following the gist right? Awesome! We are back for today’s episode on #lasgidigist.

So Chioma after much hustle for an apartment with a particular street agent, she found an apartment, a two-bedroom apartment for 700,000 naira per annum on the mainland. She has seen video and pictures, she loved it. She was asked to pay 4,000 naira for form before inspection, she thought about it, after much deliberations, she did pay, she was happy she can finally settle for this house, and do finishing to her taste.

Getting to the street the apartment is located, she realized they had to settle the street boys, she and the agents were faced with “who is to pay the boys?”😁 she was left in awe. She couldn’t imagine it. She kept asking herself why will they request for money and why can’t the agent pay since the agent is familiar with them. She felt helpless and was infuriated. But hey! What kept ringing in her head is “You can’t afford to loose this house after all been through”😁 She paid the boys. There goes hailing from the boys, she was forced to laugh before proceeding into the street.

They got to the house, the rooms were so tiny they could barely fit three people at once. She didn’t mind, she was ready to accept the conditions of the house, she knew what she had faced having to hustle for house. She paid for the house. But just as she secured the place by making payment to the agent, she received a call from the agent the next morning saying the property had been rented out to someone else. She screamed! What! Why? How? She kept asking the agent. It can’t be! “I have paid to you” she kept shouting. The agent replied she comes to his office to discuss. “He has a solution for her,” he said. A lot started going through the poor lady’s mind.

Discuss what? How is she going to deal with this? What’s her position? These and many more she needed answers to.
Sit back and relax, expect what happened next between Chioma and the agent😁 in the next episode. As e dey hot!

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