We Are Back Again!

September 14, 2021

We are back again!

Following the previous episode….

Poor Chioma was disturbed and sad. She became noticeably distracted at work. It reduced her productivity. The pressure to leave her present accommodation and then fell victim of the agent’s dishonesty worn her. She was just looking for means to stay comfortable and start her life but met with the unfavourable situation.

How is she going to cope with the situation? In a country where the minimum wage is about $66 a month and where graduates earn an average of 80,000 naira ($160) a month, renting in Lagos is an expensive exercise. Fair for her, her salary is encouraging. Chioma gave her best but landed in the wrong hands.

The police she had reported to have not given her positive result yet. She had high hopes in their process as there was nothing she could do.

Few weeks after, she started considering taking a smaller apartment in another location while waiting for miracle to come from the runaway Mr agent. The fear of falling victim of another circumstance gripped her, the beginning of her wisdom😁. She decided to let her friends recommend agents to her, so she can hold someone responsible incase of any misappropriation or fraudulent act…lol.

She got contact of a new agent. The new agent helped her get a new studio apartment through another agent, Chioma and the new agent agreed on the time to check the new apartment but it’s the other agent who will take them to see the apartment. The day came, Chioma called a male friend of hers, they both moved with the new agent to meet the other agent.

Eek! Guess who the other agent is.

Yes! You guessed right. The agent who absconded with her money. What happened next?

Look out for the next episode.
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